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Screen Machine connection problem

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:23 am
by trike20
I am trying to connect a Screen Machine answering device between the Ooma and my phones. Everything works with just the phones connected to the Ooma alone. When I insert the Screen Machine between the Ooma and phones, the machine will answer the incoming call but not send out the machine audio. It looks like the Ooma is hanging up on the Screen Machine just as it starts to answer with some audio beeps and a recorder announcement.
I see that there is a bug problem with a hook hit and second line.. is this what could be happening?... if my screen machine has a hook bounce when it answers the incoming call? I do not have the second line option.
Is there a specification for the electrical interface in the phone side of the Ooma? Does it really look like a standard phone line to the connected devices?
Tom B