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Re: Scout usage?

Posted: Sat May 16, 2009 6:54 pm
by mhowie
Most home phone wiring has 4 wires. A single phone line only uses 2 of these. There are 2-line splitters available that separate the 4 wires into two 2-wire jacks, generally labeled LINE1 and LINE2. You would use a splitter to connect the PHONE (LINE1) and WALL (LINE2) ports from your hub to the house wiring via a wall jack. You would use another 2-line splitter in another wall jack to connect the scout's WALL port to LINE2 of the splitter (thus connecting the WALL ports from the hub and scout to the same pair of wires). An extension phone could be plugged into the LINE1 jack on the splitter, corresponding to the pair of wires connected to the hub's PHONE port.

In theory, this should work. Can't speak for it in practice...
Building on this proposed setup, I wonder if I could do the following?...

Splitter as suggested sending the "Phone" (LINE 1) and "Wall" (LINE 2) port outputs throughout my home. On a phone jack located on a different floor than the Hub, install another splitter. From that splitter, LINE 2 into the Scout "Wall" port. Then...connect a separate phone into the "Phone" port on the Scout and accomplish a true second line (Premier feature). Would this work?

I believe the setup described above would only get the Scout on a different phone jack (answering machine capability, but no second line as the extension phone as described would be connected into the LINE 1 jack?


Re: Scout usage?

Posted: Sat May 16, 2009 8:09 pm
by jtykal
Sounds right to me. Again, in theory. I've read other posts on the forums about the hub-scout WALL connection being very sensitive to noise and poor wiring. Not sure how having another pair of phone wires running alongside would affect hub-scout communication. Try it out!

Yes, plugging a phone into the scout would give you your true second line. One person could be talking on a phone connected to the hub while another person has a completely different conversation on a phone connected to the scout.

Re: Scout usage?

Posted: Sat May 16, 2009 8:15 pm
by WayneDsr
The way I see this is:
Line 1 (hub) will be on all phone jacks throughout the house, because you connected the PHONE port of the hub into a wall jack (using a splitter).
The Scout has a phone plugged into the PHONE jack of the Scout, this would be your second line and the only phone to the second line. Plug another phone into the splitter from the wall jack to the Scout and you'll have the Hubs line (line 1).