Telo2 speaker replacement

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Telo2 speaker replacement

Post by testy » Mon Feb 22, 2021 3:24 pm

So after having no sound out of my Telo2 for roughly 9 months, I decided to venture inside the unit and replace the speaker. Several others have written about this process. No real problems were encountered. I carefully pried the top cover off with a thin putty knife. Then I removed the circuit board from the corner mounting clips. Pulled old speaker out of the foam tape mounting, and cut off the ultra thin [roughly 6" long frail looking pigtail] wires at the tabs. I next used a Dremel tool to open up the existing speaker cavity just a little bit. I ground the centers away on the 2 side "wings" and removed some of the standoff "peg"; to make room for the slightly [3mm] larger speaker. I then used hot glue to hold the new speaker in place. Soldered the existing wires onto the donor speaker, with the red wire going on the RH tab, as viewed from the backside with the tabs at the 6:00 bottom position. The hardest part was finding a speaker small enough, and then getting up the gumption to dig in. The donor speaker came out of an old musical toy from my son. The original speaker was round with a diameter of 19mm, and unknown watts/ohms. The donor speaker is round, 22mm in diameter, 8 ohms, and .3 watts. It works beautifully now, no distortion heard at maximum volume. I hope this helps someone......

As an added note, before assuming your speaker is bad, try this to be sure the Telo2 sound is turned on:
To TOGGLE the sound ON AND OFF, use an attached phone and dial *#*#511 [star-pound-star-pound-5-1-1]

You can also have the Telo2 speak the resident firmware version thru the speaker by:
Using an attached phone, dial *#*#001 [star-pound-star-pound-0-0-1]

Edit.....added more good stuff................
For a photographic look inside at the Telo2, go to this link:

Scroll down to the bottom photo of the page, and you will see a Telo2 that is in an exploded view. The speaker is referenced item #3, but not shown in the correct location. It is actually mounted under the board, below the 2 silver looking cubes {Ref #1}, between the 2 walls and peg that you see under item ref #1 in the bottom cover. Where the photo now shows the speaker is where the speaker cable {not shown} connects to the main board.

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