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Recurring Billing Problem for over a year

Posted: Fri Mar 12, 2021 2:16 pm
by CNost3
This issue has gone on for a year now and is the result of a system error at Ooma. For some reason Ooma’s system retains the old expiration date of the previous card and attempts to pass this to my bank each month, causing a rejection. Each month I am asked to enter a corrected card - - I update the card with the correct date and the payment goes through fine. However, the following month Ooma reverts to the old expiration date and the cycle starts all over.

I called Ooma a year ago and customer service said I needed to contact my bank. I contacted my bank, and they pulled records showing that Ooma was submitting the incorrect expiration date, which caused the issue. When I called Customer Service back they transferred me to the automated card update system and did not attempt to actually resolve the root cause (an Ooma system error). I just called customer service again (offshore) and they said that they can document issues for escalation but can't resolve things themselves. I have left this complaint in my response to a quality survey a while back but never was contacted. This takes me a few minutes each month, but I am getting tired of having to reset the card each month only to have Ooma revert to the old expiration date and can’t seem to find anyone to resolve this. Can someone help? I'm just trying to get to a warm body who can actually resolve this.

Re: Recurring Billing Problem for over a year

Posted: Fri Mar 12, 2021 2:50 pm
by murphy
Try updating the card during the month when a payment isn't outstanding.
I updated mine a couple of weeks ago.