Love Letter

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Re: Love Letter

Post by voip-ninja » Thu Feb 12, 2009 3:36 pm

I'm loving my system too, but I am hoping that we will soon have the option of disabling the Ooma tone, at a minimum for Premier members, from the Ooma Lounge, it is annoying!

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Re: Love Letter

Post by southsound » Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:12 pm

OK, this is almost sureal. I saw ooma in the Costco Connection and after doing a lot of searching on the Internet, decided I had to have one. I kept searching the Costco site until it finally became available and ordered it. Several days later, the system arrived in a nice box that protected the wonderful packaging that ooma uses to give a good first impression. Upon opening the outer box, I was amazed that the quality packaging was used throughout - both the ooma hub and the scout were packaged like the fine products they are.

Setup was a breeze. I could not get a local number for the small town where I live, so I picked out one from Beverly Hills. Can't afford a home there, but no problem owning a phone there. Then I contacted ooma support to see if they could help since our rate center is also the one for the State capital. BobbyB contacted the ooma carrier group and sure enough, they had a local number for me in just a few days! I called in yesterday, had my number changed while we talked, and then (please sit down if you are standing) today I got a CALL from Norm asking if everything was working well for me. Nobody does that anymore.

I know that some have complained about waiting on hold for quite a while. My calls have taken from 5 to 18 minutes. But when I get through, I always get the correct answer to my question - from a US based person who knows the importance of a satisfied customer. Good Job ooma! May you have continued success with an awesome product and technical support that is over the top.
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Re: Love Letter

Post by WayneDsr » Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:45 pm

The people responsible for design and marketing for ooma have to be commended.
First class website, beautiful packaging, very appealing look to the unit itself and needless to say, a product to match.
I've also had good luck with support, both voice and email.

Nice job all around, ooma!


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Re: Love Letter

Post by smithdewey » Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:49 pm

I've just installed the hardware tonight, after previous experience with Vonage, SunRocket, back to Vonage, AT&T broadband on another phone line, and trying out Magic Jack.

So far, this looks like it will beat all of them, and all the good testimonials I found around the net has me seeing few trouble spots.

I'd like to say that I like but don't love the packaging, however. It's ALMOST there. Presentation is great but the packing materials really need to be minimized, ala Apple. I freaked out when the box arrived at the size of it -- was expecting the device to be the size of a breadbox! Please replace the plastic packing pieces with biodegradable inserts and reduce overall materials this is packaged in -- all of it goes in the landfill anyway, and with the attention put to it that you've already shown in the current incarnation I'm sure your designers can greatly reduce the size, unrecyclable components, and shipping space/cost.

Thanks for a great product!

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