Porting with AT&T

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Re: Porting with AT&T

Post by tommies » Tue Mar 10, 2009 5:46 pm

I emailed LOA to ooma on Mar 1st. Next day, Mar 2, I call ATT to dry loop my DSL, and I was told it (the dry loop) would be completed on Mar 11 (tomorrow). I immediately email ooma for assistance
I called AT&T technical support today to 'dry loop' my DSL from my home phone number in preparing for the porting of my home phone number to OOMA. I am informed that the porting will take around 10 days to complete, approximated by Wed Mar 11, 2009.
The confirmation number is NO1662V8
Now I am worry that I had act a little too early and might loose my number, since OOMA said it would take approximate 3-4 weeks.
Please help.
And here is the answer from ooma, received on the same day
You should not loose your phone number as long as you let them know not to cancel your phone service at the time of the dry loop. It is better to have the dry loop done early! You can cancel your current phone service only after the port to ooma is complete.
As today, Mar 10, I have not received any confirmation of LOA from ooma. I'm kind of scare now after reading this thread.

By the way, while I ordered dry loop my DSL, the ATT rep was understanding and asking if I move to Vonage. No one had told me the extra fee which some discuss it here. Also the ATT rep told me that she created a dummy account to hold my land line number.

For now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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