2nd line/# rings but orignal number doesn't

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2nd line/# rings but orignal number doesn't

Post by 2SweetTs » Tue Sep 21, 2010 6:52 pm

How is it that our orignal number that we were receiving calls on before suddenly stopped? When calling it, you just get continuous rings, but if you call the second line, it will ring. However, when we call out, our original number shows on caller id. What do we do to get that back?

Other stuff that might help:
Our line share is getting dropped tomorrow and the porting should start, but the phone guy connected us to the dry loop last Friday and we've been making calls on the dry loop service no problem. We first had problems with calls coming in after that happened, but we figured out the machine was sending everyone straight to v-mail. After the phone guy came on Friday, we also chose the "2nd number" - is this part of the problem?

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Re: 2nd line/# rings but orignal number doesn't

Post by tommies » Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:26 pm

I'm guessing here that your had started porting of your land line number and has your DSL has been dry-ed loop. If this is the case, then what you experience is correct.

1. after the the dry-loop completed, when calling to the original land line, the caller will hear ring, but your phone will not ring.
2. calling to your 2nd number, actually this is your ooma issued number, it works as expected.
3. calling to your land line will ring your ooma phone after the port completed.

It up to you to decide to live with it or call your Telco. to ask them to auto forward all calls to your 2nd (ooma issued) number.

After the port completed, don't forget to call your Telco. again to settle (and prorated) your final bill, and ensure that the DSL bill will be delivered, especially if you have e-bill with them before.

Are you with ATT? I was with ATT, and It happened to me just like you experience.

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