Problem Connecting Ooma Hub to Netgear Wifi Internet Adapter

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Re: Problem Connecting Ooma Hub to Netgear Wifi Internet Adapter

Post by npetroff » Mon Nov 18, 2013 12:44 pm

I connected my Ooma to a netgear wifi/ethernet adapter so I could move the Ooma and my phone base to a more convenient spot. I was able to get things working with relatively few problems. I was powering the wifi adapter through the Ooma USB port. This worked for about 2 months. Recently, the Ooma began disconnecting (blinking red logo) about twice a day. If I powered down/up the Ooma, things would work ok again. Eventually, however, the system would no longer work. I have moved my Ooma back near my router and the Ooma is hardwired to one of the router ports. I tried powering the wifi adapter through the AC-power cord and then connected the netgear adapter via ethernet to the Ooma, but that did not help. I am not aware of anything that changed on my end. If I connect the netgear adapter to my laptop and turn off my laptop's wifi, I get connected to my home network and wifi seems to work fine.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Update, 22 NOV 2013: So, after posting I followed some of the suggestions from other posts regarding call quality and I set up a static IP address for my Ooma and turned off QoS. I'm not sure what exactly fixed it, but the Ooma and netgear adapter are playing nicely again. I was able to move the system away from my router and to a more convenient location. In addition, I'm powering the wifi adapter through Ooma's USB port. In fact, the system is working better than ever. It used to be that if I rebooted my router, I would often have to reboot Ooma or call my home phone from a different line to get Ooma to work again. However, now Ooma turns from red to blue all by itself!

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