Re-occurring Cookies Issue

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Re-occurring Cookies Issue

Post by vgiordano » Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:18 pm

From time to time I encounter a cookies issue with the web portal. I log in and get the top row of choices (red circle by me):


I click Home and get this screen:


I clear cookies and re-login and get this new top row of choices (red circle by me):


I still go through that cycle of getting the first stale link in the top row even after clearing my cookies. I have now tried deleting the bookmark to the Office Manager to see if that stops pointing me to a bad page. Any suggestions?

My system: Windows 10 (latest version) x64
Chrome, latest version
Ooma Office since September 2015
Fiber internet
2 base stations with 2 linx, 5 Yealink T21's

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