Blacklist requests

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Blacklist requests

Post by skidiver » Wed May 13, 2020 9:49 am

I posted this in 2013 and was directed by another member to an organized thread with other Blacklist requests.

My post was never addressed and, the last post in the other thread has had no activity since 2015.

These can't be that hard to add... could someone from Ooma please comment?

I would find it extremely useful to be able to change the handling of each specific blacklisted number, instead of having one choice for the whole list. For example, I have some blacklisted numbers that I want to get the "Call Blocked Message", but others that I'd like "Sent to Voicemail". All it would take is an additional field when creating the block entry.

In addition, when editing a blacklist entry, the first field (contains, equals, etc) is greyed out. If that needs to be changed, the only way is to delete the entry and create a new one.

Finally, It would be real helpful if the call logs showed blacklisted calls (This has been requested by multiple users in the past but not recently and, to my knowledge, it has never been addressed).

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