HD3 and HD2 questions

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HD3 and HD2 questions

Post by Morac » Fri Jan 15, 2021 11:13 pm

A couple of months ago I replaced my Ooma Telo 1 with an Air 2. I also added a HD3, while keeping my HD2. Today I heard beeping and found my Telo was offline and determined it must be doing a firmware update (though nothing indicated it was). After about 5 minutes it was back online so I went and checked and my HD2 was online, but my HD3 was not. I found that the outlet that the HD3 charger was plugged into was off so the HD3 hadn’t been charging for 2 weeks. I figured the battery was dead and it just needed to be charged so I powered the outlet and nothing happened.

I moved the HD3 to another outlet and still nothing, no light or anything. Then all the sudden it said “waiting to start” and updated. After that it was at 100% battery. The update took a few minutes, so there’s no way it could be at 100% if the battery was dead. If it wasn’t dead, the why wouldn’t the phone was up?

Also other than the UI and the battery type, what’s the difference between the HD2 and the HD3?

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