Problem updating to new version Ooma Telo

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Problem updating to new version Ooma Telo

Post by jbaugh » Sun Mar 07, 2021 5:59 pm

I bought the newest version of Ooma Telo to replace my old original model. I wanted to be able to try out some of the Ooma home security features. I had major headaches trying to get the Ooma logo to turn blue and stay blue. The logo continuously cycled between blue and red. It turns out that the home security feature was having problems with the download. I spoke to 4 different Ooma techs, none of which had any clue as to the problem or how to fix it.

Then after many hours over two days, seemingly from out of the blue, the Ooma installation completed and I got the desired solid blue light. I thought this was the result of my persistence in cycling, recycling, and trying suggestions from this forum. But it turns out that one of the Ooma techs I contacted knew what the problem was. At least that is what he told me in an email:

"Your network blocks SSL traffic as a result of which Telo could not download the home security software, so I manually installed it. That's what fixed the problem".

I'm not sure what this all means. Does this mean he was able to remotely install software on my Telo without my knowledge or permission? Of course, I would have granted permission if I thought this would fix my problem. Also, what is this business about my network blocking SSL traffic? My network is a Google Nest Mesh Wifi system. I've done nothing to block SSL traffic. Any ideas how to fix this blocking? Thanks.

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