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Post by oomg » Fri Dec 04, 2009 12:19 pm

murphy wrote:The only way to make use of the instant second line (Premier feature) is to connect a second phone to the scout.
The simplest way to achieve this is to set the hub and scout side by side and connect their wall jacks together with a short phone cord. Connect another phone to the phone jack of the scout. You can have two independent calls in progress at the same time using the phone connected to the hub and the phone connected to the scout.
Well, yes... but here is an interesting tip. A little background first... I have a rather large home. We currently have 12 cordless stations working on my primary number. These are connected up through four separate cordless base stations; one with 6 units at the Hub; one with 4 units at a separate Scout; and two separate cordless stations to separate Scouts in the upstairs bedrooms. I also have a second line (with Premier Service) connected to an assigned Scout in my home office/study.

Remember my second line is exclusive to an assigned Scout. I have noticed that while one person in on the primary line, a second caller can still call out on the primary number, so long as the cordless unit is connected through a separate base at a Scout. I confirmed this again this morning. Both outgoing calls appear on my primary line at the exact same time. Of course, at that point, my ability to call out or receive calls on my separate line is limited, but that is an extremely rare occasion. A rather neat feature if you ask me.
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