All scout lights red, hub is blue??

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All scout lights red, hub is blue??

Post by chrispeele » Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:54 pm

No dial tone on the scouts. Nothing has changed in my system for 3 years and today the scouts don't work, red light is solid and the bottom buttons are all lit up in red. Plug and unplug and the top buttons go red, next the center, and finially the bottom and they stay on. The main hub works fine. What gives??

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Re: All scout lights red, hub is blue??

Post by feartheturtle » Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:02 pm

3 years, first post? Congratulations - you must have enjoyed good service from Ooma for some time!

So all scouts are exhibiting the same behavior? Can you make/receive calls if a phone is plugged into the phone port of the hub?

Then take one of the scouts and test connect it directly to the hub. Use a "known good" phone cable and connect the wall port of the hub to the wall port of the scout. Now what happens with the scout? Do you still have a light show, or does it settle down and give you a "blue tab?"

If the scout now seems OK, then get busy trouble shooting the original wiring from the hub to the scouts. Perhaps the cable leaving the hub's wall port is bad?

But if the scout is still AWOL, then check another scout. If that one is also AWOL, then you probably have an issue with the hub. What level of service do you have? Is the hub still under a warranty? There are not many visitors to this forum that have had a system for 3 threes!

Finally, welcome to the forums, and good luck!

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Re: All scout lights red, hub is blue??

Post by Schwulmon » Wed Jul 14, 2010 7:31 am

Same thing happened to me over a month ago. It was not the scouts (I have 2 of them), but rather the hub. I contacted Ooma support and after taking a picture of my setup, they sent out another hub to replace the bad one (they also provided a UPS Return Service label to sent the bad unit back in to them). After plugging in the new hub, all scout lights were blue again and functioning. My problem occurred after a thunder storm went through and a loud clap of thunder was nearby.


Re: All scout lights red, hub is blue??

Post by ntoy » Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:25 am


Here's a test you can try since you have nonlandline config.

Connect the scout's wall port directly to the hub's wall port:

Move the scouts & take one of the scout’s power supply over to the hub & test one by one.
With the hub displaying a blue tab, take a phone cable & connect one end to the scout’s wall port on the back.
Take the other end & plug into the hub’s wall port on the back.
Power up the scout & allow a few minutes – see if the tab on the scout turns blue.

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