NUmber porting veteran?

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NUmber porting veteran?

Post by hingerty » Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:36 am

I am not clear on something. The reason I bought the HUB was so that I could squash my monthly Verizon bill. I dont have dsl, (ise comvcast) so I have no reason to send thses bloodsuckers anything. But all thru install they keep saying...for those "who choose to keep landline connected.."
Thi is currently connected on mine. i HAVE a modem-----hub------router(wifi)-----lan. Also the hub is connected to the wall phone outlet as well as the phone base station is connected to the hub,
OK that being said. IT WORKS. But its only been 24hrs since I activated. I got all of my confirm email etc. But I havent heard anything else.
They said that I must retain normal phone service for 3-4 weeks. I paid my 39 bucks. At some pt I will get an email saying number has been ported.
WHEN THIS I disconnect landline? Does a dead line serve some purpose? I get the impression that it iads in 911 calls or something. I know this sounds stoopid. If its dead its dead..right?
I have been told that my cost will only be like 3 bucks/month or somesuch. If I keep verizon landline..whats the point? I use my iphone for 99% of my calls anyway. I have only had like two calls since I hooked it up, so WHY WOULD ANYONE KEEP LANDLINE. Or do you just keep it connected at no charge. They just arent very clear on this. For the time being I know it has to stay connected while its ported. Maybe someone else has completed this port thing?

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Re: NUmber porting veteran?

Post by lbmofo » Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:49 am

You can look up your port status here:

Seems like you activated ooma in landline integration mode (you are using your own number to work with ooma).

In this mode, all incoming calls and outgoing local calls will be via the landline. Only long distance calls will go through ooma.

On the day the port completes, your landline will go dead (maybe a day or 2 later) and you'll be instructed by ooma to disconnect your ooma from the wall jack. Ooma will be handling all calls via the internet and will use your number without any connection to your landline.

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