Problems call international Numbers - Today

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Problems call international Numbers - Today

Post by sicce » Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:59 am

I am a Premium service subscriber and also have 500mins international bundle, of which I have probably only used 10mins.
But everytime I call a UK landline numbers I get the message "You have 90mins" then I can hear a ringing tone at the other end, which is followed by the message "Your call cannot be connected, you have $0 left", the call is then dropped.

So I don't understand why I am being told I only have 90mins, when it should be 500mins, and why my call are not being connected.


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Re: Problems call international Numbers - Today

Post by thunderbird » Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:50 am

We had the same problem a few times yesterday. We heard the ninety minute message, than the call was cut off in mid sentence with a message to add funds to our prepaid account.

We have the Premier bulk 1000 minutes a month plan, for which we were are charged $11.79, instead of the $9.99 as advertized, plus the $3.47 taxes per month.

Plus we have had the fifty dollars prepaid account from the beginning. But we've never used even one dollar of the fifty dollar prepaid account.

Neither the Premier bulk 1000 minute nor the prepaid fifty dollars should have totally been used.

My wife redialed, the next time the call was okay. But this happened several times during the day.

We have had this problem, with international calling, off and on, since we started using Ooma. This problem has been corrected a couple of times only to come back in a few weeks.

Ooma appears to have no preventive maintenance or quality control at all.

Ooma uses the squeaky wheel approach for correcting and repairing their problems. So all I can say is be persistent and contact customer service, over and over if that is what it takes.

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