Is Caller ID with Name a Premier feature?

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Re: Is Caller ID with Name a Premier feature?

Post by Morpheus » Wed Sep 15, 2010 4:55 am

jakeman02 wrote:
sardog wrote:What a BATE-and-Switch....the back of my Telo box states caller-ID is included....It does not say anywhere on the box that you have to pay $9.99 a month for premium service to get the name with your caller-ID. This is a deal breaker for me and will probably be returning my Telo.... Maybe I'll get a Hub unit from Amazon instead.
How is that a bait and switch? The box states Caller-ID is included and it is. It doesn't state Caller-ID with NAME is included and it isn't.
That's the problem with companies like Ooma; they think that if it's not specifically stated as a BASIC feature, then they can do whatever they want with the feature.

Ooma has the thinking that if a feature is NOT spelled out as BASIC then you are not entitled to it, and if you are getting a specific feature that has not been specifically designaited a BASIC, then they can move the feature and place it in the premier field as they please. Or, like the caller ID; take it and slice it and dice it up as long as the customer is getting some sort of caller ID, then it's still caller ID.

I don't like their overall business model for the Ooma. I know they need to make money, but they need a better plan. They are no different then TiVo or companies like TiVo.

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Re: Is Caller ID with Name a Premier feature?

Post by lbmofo » Wed Sep 15, 2010 6:25 am

FYI on the Callerid Name - why Hub/Telo basic folks are getting it for now in addition to the Core guys:


Morpheus wrote:
bw1 wrote: My last AT&T bill from March 2009 has two separate detail lines:
Caller Identification $7.86
Calling Name Display $2.09

That comes to about the same price per month as Premier and I get a lot of additional features that weren't even available from AT&T.
Well,I believe that the majority of VOIP service providers include just about or everythhing they have in the plan.
Vonage for $9.99 a month - Standard Feature List:

Vonage Visual Voicemail »
Caller ID with Name »
Call Waiting »
Vonage Voicemail Plus »
Call Transfer »
Call Waiting with Caller ID »
Vonage Online Account »
Network Availability Number »
Enhanced Call Forwarding »
SimulRing »
3-Way Calling »
Caller ID Block »
Call Return »
Do Not Disturb »
Anonymous Call Block »
Repeat Dialing »
International & Directory Assistance Block »
Call Hunt »
Ring Lists »
Vonage Access Number »
Bandwidth Saver »
Click-to-Call »
211 Calling »
311 Calling »
411 Calling »
511 Calling »
711 Calling »
811 Calling »
1-700-WEATHER »
Refer-A-Friend »
Money Back Guarantee »
Move Your Number »
Number for Life ¤ »
In-Network Calling »
24/7 Customer Support »
The above is all standard features no matter what you get: Maybe Ooma should un-complicate their business and for the basic subscribers limit the number of minutes on the plan like Vonage does. Say 400 minutes a month, restrict calling to the US, charge for international calling, allow unlimited talk between Ooma Telo devices, and unblock all the features of the Premier tier for everyone. Vonage doesn't include VM to email translation and Visual VM to the $9.99 tier, and there is no reason why Ooma couldn't restrict a feature or two along the same line for their Premier tier.
Morpheus wrote:
Bobby B wrote:Caller-ID with name is included with Core and Premier Services Tiers. Anonymous Call Reject is also listed as a Premier feature on the Premier page, but Core users have access to it as well.

We'll add a KB article with a break-down of the features available to each service tier. Hopefully we should have it published soon.
You guys need to look at how Vonage distributes their services and that may give you a better idea of how Omma should be doing it. It has to be a nightmare is seperating all these features, especially when your taking one feature and slicing and dicing it up so it can be paired with a premier service.
Morpheus, what you are suggesting Ooma do is more complicated.

Callerid name look ups cost money. Some VoIP companies that charge a significant monthly service fee don't even provide callerid name.

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Re: Is Caller ID with Name a Premier feature?

Post by cpdavis » Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:33 am

I agree with bait and switch.
The name & number displayed on one Ooma product with basic service should be included on all products of Ooma with basic service.

Sounds like Ooma is copying AT&T on add on costs.

I think I will return my unit also! That is a deal breaker for me too!!

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Re: Is Caller ID with Name a Premier feature?

Post by cpdavis » Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:57 am

I am retired and I need to keep costs down but I would really like to have the name and number to show on caller ID but I do not want to pay an additional $10.00 for the premier service.

In my mind, the older generation does not want all the extra features that is included in the premier package. All those features are to confusing. I am sure the younger generation has no problem with them.

You say that adding the name look up costs money then charge something like $1.00, if that is enough, to cover the cost to get number and name added to the basic cost as 1 tier and so on for additional features.

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Re: Is Caller ID with Name a Premier feature?

Post by danlisman » Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:31 am

Name identification is not a big inconvenience for me. Most of the calls I answer are from the same people.
All you have to do is to add the individual caller name to the Telo contact list when it does not show. After you add it one time, that name will always show up on your caller ID. :)
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