Privacy screens out caller Ids with "private"?

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Re: Privacy screens out caller Ids with "private"?

Post by EA PA » Sat Mar 19, 2011 3:33 pm

southsound wrote:
MrX wrote:I could do that if it were me, but I'm the tech guy and understand the issue and that workaround. She doesn't have any patience for any of that, and just wants to call home like she always did.
I understand totally and am reminded of some sage words that have served me well over the course of our marriage, "Happy wife, happy life." I hope it all works out for you. :cool:
Yea how about it... man OOMA took a black eye during the tuning process... She wont even touch it at this point.

It will be a long process to get her back on board. I have a plan though. I went to drop part my wire line service in the first step to independence today. Feeling pretty good, I called Frontier to cancel 1 line and convert the second to local only plan. I was told that I am jammed until December unless I want to pay a 200 bucks inconvenience fee or whatever they called it because I had a 2 year contract to reduce my monthly rate to only 65 bucks a month! I said "huh? That is the reduced rate"?

My bride says "oh yea - I remember that".... :shock: DOOP - I guess my cost benefit to break even will take a little longer - she is better at negotiating than I. She will try and get out of it.. ...phones...
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