Ooma Telo setup with integrated modem/router or after router

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Ooma Telo setup with integrated modem/router or after router

Post by robjets » Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:31 am

Im going into great detail for those with no experience with router setup
This should be added as a sticky to help anyone with an integrated modem/router. I have informed Ooma on this setup and also informed Motorola because Motorola was basically in the dark with Ooma setups so hopefully they will add this to their advanced setup page.This setup will work with Ooma but it may not work with another brand of phone modem because many modem/routers do not support phone modems that use SIPALG technology.Most phone modems use SIPALG technology and arent compatable with most integrated modem/routers. Ooma devices do not use SIPALG so you are in luck.

You may not need to do all these steps depending on your modem manufacturer but Im posting what I did to get mine to work.Normally most people have a modem and a separate router and the Ooma device is reccommned to be installed after the modem and before the router. This setup is only for those with integrated modem/routers.Do not use this setup if you have separate modem and router.

The exception is that this setup should also work if you have a modem and separate router and for some reason you want or need to setup the Ooma device after the router

I have a Motorola SBG6580

First off with some modem/routers or setting up Ooma after a router you may have to disable the firewall to get your Ooma device to work if all else fails. I did not have to disable my firewall.

First go to this page
http://ooma.custhelp.com/app/answers/de ... forwarding

Make note of the UDP and TCP port numbers you will need them.

then you need to login to your router by puting the modems ip address url in what ever browser you are using.
The SBG6580 uses

Pretty sure this is the same for all Motorola modems but dont quote me on that.Then Login.If you have never logged into a modem/router or router before you need to find out what the default login name and password are. Usually you can do this with a simple google search or by going to the manufatcure site of your routing device.

Motorola default login is

PASSWORD: motorola

Go to the advanced setting and click on Port Forwarding.
Next add the port numbers that you got from the advanced Ooma setup page then click apply.

Try your Ooma device, If it doesnt work try unplugging the modem/router and the Ooma device for a few minutes and let them go through the setup process. If all works well you may be done.

If the Ooma device still doesnt work or you experience lack of call quality or dropped calls go through these next steps.

Motorola modems and most routers have an ip address that starts with 192. Some have private ip addresses that will start with 172.The Ooma device itself has a172 ip address.

log back into your modem/router or router if you logged out and go to the advanced settings and look for DMZ HOST.

Motorola modems/routers will only host ip addresses that start with 192. If you have a different modem/router check the DMZ HOST to see if you have the option for 172. If your modem/router supports 172 then great then just do this step and add the Ooma ip address to DMZ HOST.

click apply.test your Ooma device. Again you may to unplug the modem/router or router and Ooma device again for a few minutes. Check Ooma. If it works great you are done. If not try turning off your modem/router or router firewall.

If your modem/router or router only has 192 in DMZ HOST you have two options. One change the modem/router or routers ip address (which I really dont recommend and is a pain in the but to do and pretty advanced)or two change the Ooma devices ip address which is pretty easy.

You dont have to be connected to the internet to connect the ooma device. You should be able to connect the Ooma to your pc with an ethernet cable from the network port on the back of the Ooma device and connect the other end of the ethernet cable to your pc`s ethernet port.

Open your browser and with type in

http://setup.ooma.com or

Note the Ooma ip address

You want to change your Ooma ip to whatever ip address your modem/router DMZ HOSt supports all numbers should be the same except the last number for example Motorola uses so you want to use those exact number with the exception of the last number(the 1)

I changed my Ooma ip to but you should be able to use any number for the last number.Write it down
Save the Ooma settings.

Next go back into your modem/router or router DMZ HOST setting and add the new Ooma ip address you set for the Ooma device to the DMZ HOST.Click save or apply.

Check your Ooma device. If not working go through the previous power off procedures again and once setup try the Ooma device again.You should be good to go.

If not try disabling the firewall in the modem/router or router.

If you still have problems after all this I would first read through this tutorial again carefully and if it doesnt help you still you will need to call either Ooma tech support or your modem/router or router tech support or maybe even both.

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Re: Ooma Telo setup with integrated modem/router or after router

Post by highq » Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:12 pm

Does that Motorola device by default have a firewall that blocks outbound ports? If so, then the ports that Ooma uses for outbound traffic have to be unblocked.

Communications are never initiated by ooma.com. Only your Telo or Hub initiates a connection. So forwarding inbound ports is just not required.

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Re: Ooma Telo setup with integrated modem/router or after router

Post by lbmofo » Wed Sep 07, 2011 3:18 pm

robjets, welcome to Ooma.

What kind of issues forced you into all that rigmarole? My head is still spinning after reading it :)

For most folks, for an after router (or integrated modem/router) installation, it should be plug and play.

I just created a post on "Optimal Setup" for after router setup: viewtopic.php?t=12403

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