in home business 800#

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in home business 800#

Post by allen » Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:14 am

I have in home business with 3 lines (1 personal, 1 fax/phone, 1 line with 2 800#) I currently have two phone systems, one cordless with 2 lines and the other not cordless 4 line. when a customer calls one of the 800# it is ans with a recording, the customer has 4 choices for extension of person they would like to speak with ext.#201-202-203 or 204. with your system how would the customer get to those ext.#'s? also, if person is not at that extension, current system then forwards the call to their cell or other outside phone number, how can we do that with ooma?
Second : my ooma is hooked up and working fine. but I had to call 3x's for assistance with installation. the first two times 15 min on hold, second time 8 min on hold, third time a charm. You need help on your desk to take care of tech questions with our waiting so long. I hung up both times.
Third: How do I get different voice mail for each number?
fourth: Do I call my local phone company and tell them to stop billing me monthly for the numbers I am using with ooma?
thanks appreciate your response.

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Re: in home business 800#

Post by Bobby B » Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:02 pm

Hi Allen,

Interesting setup description - out of the 3 lines, which one are you currently using with ooma (check what's plugged into the WALL port)? Do you plan on porting any of your numbers to ooma? If you plan to use ooma with your landline, you'll need to still keep basic landline phone service with your phone company.

Currently ooma does not have an IVR system with extensions. We do support private extensions with additional ooma Scouts (up to four can be connected to an ooma system). Each private device has its own voicemail and the the ability to call forward (with Multi-Ring) to any phone number you choose. We currently don't support call forwarding with a specific timeout.

Bobby B

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