No weekend or night support? Not acceptable!

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Re: No weekend or night support? Not acceptable!

Post by Frankjake » Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:45 am

Murphy, no I did not port my cell number, I had my home phone originally with Qwest ported to Ooma on Dec 9th. All was workin okay (except faxing). Then 2 days ago I realized I could not call home from my cell, which had been working all along. My roommate also has an AT&T cell phone and he could not call my home either.

Strange part, my cell phone has an 805 area code, his is a 541 area code although I actually live in the 541 area.

So I called a buddy who has AT&T with an 805 area code (that's California where he lives) and I asked him to try and call my home. It went through.

So now I assume since I was finally told there has Ben an Ooma outage or a week now, that it's isolated to certain areas. I dont think it has anything to do with the cellphone or it's actual number. I think it depends on the area that cll phone is in when trying to call my house.

Hopefully they will figure it out tomorrow (Monday). Thanks for the suggestions.

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