Hearing Impaired: Telo Bluetooth WORKS w/Oticon Streamer

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Hearing Impaired: Telo Bluetooth WORKS w/Oticon Streamer

Post by mtnmedic » Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:21 pm

I'm hearing impaired. I wear Oticon Epoq XW hearing aids bilaterally with a Streamer. I got the Bluetooth adapter for my Telo base in hopes that it MIGHT be compatible with my hearing aids' Streamer (which, for those of you who don't know, allows my hearing aids to be connected to cell phone, computer, audio gear, etc. via Bluetooth. It's an in-between Bluetooth enabler, if you will.). When I contacted Ooma support and asked them about compatibilty, they had no clue. Of course, I didn't expect them to, because-when it comes to telecom stuff, NOBODY thinks about the hearing impaired and their hearing aid technology.

Anyway, the adapter paired with the Streamer just fine (follow Ooma instructions on how to pair via using computer connected via network cable directly to hub and accessing the Bluetooth settings at the hub). Connecting is quick and easy.

Now, when I want to place a call, I use the Telo handset, prepend the outbound number with *15 (this puts the Telo in Bluetooth broadcast mode) and hit the green "call" button. Immediately, the handeset/Streamer briefly ring as if a call's coming in but it's a short ring and the Streamer indicates with the "call" button flashing. I press the "call" button on the Streamer and viola! I've switched to my hearing aids for full wireless call-out. I can then set the Telo handset down anywhere I want and go 100% hands free in both ears (and....as you Streamer users know, by your choice with or without hearing anything else in the room). The call rings through, I talk and when I'm done, I hang up the call by pressing the "call" button on the Streamer. Incoming calls work pretty much the same way as using the Streamer with the cell phone.

Range, however, is an issue. Fortunately, I was able to employ 13' of USB extension cable to position the Ooma's Bluetooth adapter in the hallway of my house, which is a central location. Now, anywhere in the house, I am 100% hands-free and I don't have to tote any phone with me. And, because I have a Sprint Airave, my cell phone calls can still go straight to my hearing aids via Bluetooth when I'm not engaged with a call through Ooma. Best of both worlds! :P

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Re: Hearing Impaired: Telo Bluetooth WORKS w/Oticon Streamer

Post by southsound » Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:34 pm

Great post! Thank you for sharing some valuable information that was not available before your testing and review.
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