The Telephone Network Interface Box

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Re: The Telephone Network Interface Box

Post by tommies » Mon Apr 13, 2009 7:39 am

TonyB wrote: "Or if you willing to open the demarc box and switching the dsl signal to line 2( remove the blue pair and substitute with the orange pair) you only need only one splitter for the dsl modem to connect to line 2. Everything is on line 1."

I'd like to do this, but I'm not certain exactly how. As can be seen in the 2nd photo above, I have green and green/white wires to my phone jacks. The blue & blue /white is for the TiVo, and Included with these. So, the DSL is one of the green & green /white ones...

What is meant by line 1 and 2?

first of all, do not touch the wires on the left: it's the telco's property. Those on the right are yours, and you are free to mess with.
If your DSL has been dry loop, the dial tone test with a telephone won't work. A phone line tester (probably less than $10 as many had said) will help.

Looking into a phone jack, you'll see a set of 4 wires, two inner wires are for line 1, and two outer wires are for line 2. And look at your RJ-11 plug, most of them now only have to wires (and for line 1 only). To access line 2 with this plug, a lines splitter is needed.

Traditionally, a blue pair wire is use for line 1, an orange pair for line 2.

In the 2nd pic., I see your house wires have more than 2 pairs and probably use star topo.

You could very well use the 3rd or 4th pair (green or gray/brown) for the DSL signal and reserve both line 1 and line 2 for ooma phone port and wall port.

Use should see a RJ-11 jack which dup as a latch for the cover of the module (you have 3 of those on the right side, 2nd pic.)

Plug a phone line tester into these jack to see which one have signal, and then connect the green pair to this module. Remove other color pairs at well. Make sure that all the blue pairs are connected together, so do all the orange pairs: but none connected to the post. You should connect these wires according to there color code, total of 4 set of wires, 2 per pair.

Open the wall plate where you plug in your dsl modem, disconnect the blue pair and use the green pair in its place. Test the jack, if it's red, reverse the wires. If no led, try different green pair at the box (or connect all the green pairs).

You might need a new wall plate for this to work. Most of the wall plate only supports 2 lines. You need a 3 lines wall plate, (or add a new wall plate) if you plan to do this.

PS. yours box are newer different from mine. Also in the 2nd pic, I don't see it but I guess, there is a RJ-11 jack for test and also dup as the cover latch.

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Re: The Telephone Network Interface Box

Post by TonyB » Mon Apr 13, 2009 8:56 pm

Thanks guys!

Today's outage hampered my ability to get this all squared-away, until moments ago...

First, I was dry-looped this morning, about 8 am PT. I simply ran a line (Cat 5) from the Ooma hub, phone port, to the NIB. I kept the DSL on Line 2 (where all of the connection are in the photos) and moved all the other lines to phones and TiVo to the bottom or line 3.

I removed all of the DSL filters, as I believe I read to do so somewhere here and/or in the set-up manual. I'm going to add the *99 code for TiVo now...

Thanks much.

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Re: The Telephone Network Interface Box

Post by TonyB » Tue Apr 14, 2009 9:07 pm

Instead of starting a new thread...

I performed this connection in order to network all of our phones without the needs for multiple Scouts. It's working like a charm!

That said, we do want the instant 2nd line and that necessitates the Scout, as I understand it. I just hooked-up the Scout and I have a red tab, with all 4 bottom lights also in red.

Given how I've wired things to essentially not need a Scout, is this now problematic that I want to use it?

Nevermind. I wasn't using the hub's wall jack! Doing so got the Scout going...

Thanks much!

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