Optimal Setup for Modem -> Router -> Ooma

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Optimal Setup for Modem -> Router -> Ooma

Post by lbmofo » Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:58 pm

Once you've activated your Ooma device on https://www.ooma.com

Plug your Ooma's "To Internet" port (called "Modem" port on the older Hub hardware) into a router LAN port. Plug a phone into Ooma's "phone" port. Power up your Ooma. Wait until your Ooma comes online - all blue.

At this point, everything should be operational; phone(s) connected to Ooma's "phone" port should work like a champ.

More things to do if you want your setup to be optimal:
  • Connect a (wifi turned-off) computer to Ooma's "Home Network" port (called "Home" port on Hub) using ethernet cable.
  • Do the "Change the Ooma setting to Use Built in INTERNET Port MAC Address or Modem Port MAC Address" portion of this post: viewtopic.php?t=9536#p66155 But don't need to power cycle all devices after "Update."
  • Disable QoS: within http://setup.ooma.com page, select "Advanced" on the navigation menu and look for the "Quality of Service" section on the page. Set both Upstream Internet Speed & Downstream Internet Speed boxes to 0 (and Update).
  • Setup port forwarding rule within Ooma setup page so you can access http://setup.ooma.com without having to connect your computer to the "Home Network" port ("Home" port on Hub) in the future. viewtopic.php?t=11921#p83732
  • Leave your Ooma's "Home Network" port empty; don't connect any computer or anything else to it.
  • Get to your router setup page and configure QoS for your Ooma device (have router give your Ooma high priority); need to consult your router manual for this one (either based on MAC address, reserved DHCP IP address, or LAN port #).
  • If you have voice quality issues, try looking at these suggestions: viewtopic.php?t=10023#p72442

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Re: Optimal Setup for Modem -> Router -> Ooma

Post by Agent99 » Sat Jun 04, 2016 7:19 pm

Thanks - Will go through those links.

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