Handsets show Missed Calls even when calls are received

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Handsets show Missed Calls even when calls are received

Post by ttymchishyn » Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:00 pm

Hi all,

Just installed my Ooma throughout my home and am finding a strange error. When all of my handsets ring -- Panasonic KX-TG9333T 1.9 GHz Digital DECT 6.0 -- I can pick up the phone, have a conversation, and hang up, but all of my phones still show that the call was "missed". The call is not, however, marked as "missed" in the My Ooma online interface -- it shows as received there.

Now this did not occur when I just had one phone plugged directly into the Ooma, but I have since disconnected my landline from the junction box on the outside of my home and distributed the dial tone to all of my phones. Since doing that, despite everything else working, all of these calls show as "missed" on my handsets. It's not a huge issue at all, but it is a little annoying.

Anyone have this issue before? Any insight into resolving it? Thanks!!!

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Re: Handsets show Missed Calls even when calls are received

Post by thunderbird » Wed Feb 06, 2013 5:31 pm

How things work. A part of text below is taken from the Panasonic Operating Instructions Manual.

Normal four Panasonic handset operations:
When one of the Panasonic handsets is answered, the other three Panasonic handsets that are not answered will show "Missed Call" on their screens.

The "Missed Call" display disappears from all of the Panasonic handset screens if one of the following operations is performed by one of the Panasonic registered handsets:
Panasonic Handset has been replaced on the Panasonic base unit or Panasonic handset changer.
Pressing Panasonic handset (OFF) off button.

But when the call is answered with a HD2 handset, (HD2 handset is connected to the same Ooma Telo as the Panasonic handsets are connected), all of the Panasonic Handset screens will show "Missed Call" even after the HD2 handset has been replaced in its charging cradle or the OFF button has been pushed.

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