Important Service Update for Ooma Hub Owners

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Re: Important Service Update for Ooma Hub Owners

Post by BM1 » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:37 am

I have two Ooma hubs (two different phone numbers) that worked fine up to today. Now both are failing to dial out or receive calls. I can accept a hardware failure on a box, but not both simultaneously. Has Ooma changed the firmware and killed the Hubs?

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Re: Important Service Update for Ooma Hub Owners

Post by Salwin2 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:16 am

My hub went out as well same timeframe

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Re: Important Service Update for Ooma Hub Owners

Post by gtsailor » Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:58 pm

My Hub went down yesterday/today as well. Seems like an update may have been pushed that is causing problems. Here is what is happening:
  • Incoming calls ring on the phone - but when the phone is picked up, line is "dead" (no sound, voice, nothing)
    Tried 2 different phones, so not the phone
    If I do not answer the phone, it goes to VM just fine, and I can then listen to the VM using the Hub
    No Ooma dial-tone when I try to call out, so cannot make calls
    Blue light is "on" on the tab (so it is connected to the servers)
    Power cycling does not fix it (it goes through the light show just fine)
Any thoughts?

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Re: Important Service Update for Ooma Hub Owners

Post by blacknoi » Fri Apr 20, 2018 5:15 am

This is happening to my ooma hub too, almost daily.

The hub isn't dead in that the network port lights are still blinking, / blue status light. But no dial tone / can't dial out.

I reboot and I'm ok.

It'll be good anywhere from 18 hours to 3-4 days. But it "hangs" like this regularly.

I'm almost at the point of putting the hub on a timer that'll reboot it briefly overnight every day.

For me, it started doing this maybe 2-3 months ago. Before that it was flawless.

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Re: Important Service Update for Ooma Hub Owners

Post by williawa » Thu Mar 28, 2019 9:08 am

For anyone who's interested... original hub owner, caller id names quit displaying in the first week of March, have always had called id WITH name since activating my hub in 2010. Opened a chat and was told that service is only available under the paid premier service plan.

3rd level support said that caller id with name will not be available to the original hub owners any longer (even if you were to upgrade to premium service). The firmware / license certs haven't been upgraded since around 2010 (when Ooma dropped support for the hub).

They were happy to say that you can still make and receive calls, however my take on that is until they make another change to their system and turn the hubs into bricks. No resolution other than to upgrade to a telo (but no deals for being grandfathered in). My opinion is that it feels like Ooma is slowly going to phase out the hub by changing things on their end.

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Re: Important Service Update for Ooma Hub Owners

Post by Scott R » Sun Apr 04, 2021 4:28 am

My apologies if my questions can be found somewhere in this thread or forum, but my situation is a little odd, so hopefully me bumping this old thread won't offend anyone...

I sold my previous house last August. Up until that time I was pretty sure that I still had my Ooma Hub (no monthly fees) connected. Admittedly, the Ooma had become more of a sales/spam filter for my family, with all of us pretty much transitioned to using our iPhones for regular calling, but I liked having it as a backup of sorts, and mostly liked having it so that I could supply that phone number on various contracts, etc., where someone wanted my phone number but I didn't completely trust them to not sell my personal info (i.e., I wanted to minimize the number of sales/spam calls I got on my cell phone). So I had the volume on the Ooma turned down/off and at some point prior to selling the house had completely disconnected the cordless landline phone we had connected to the Ooma Hub.

A couple of days ago (several months after having disconnected the Ooma due to the sale of our prior house), and after finally settling in to our new house, I hooked up the Ooma and got the flashing red light. Calling my Ooma number from my cell phone at first gave some odd clicking sounds, then an odd message (I can't remember what it said). A bit later when I called it, I got a busy signal. When I tried to log into my Ooma account online (not this forum account) it told me that my password was incorrect. I clicked the link to reset my password and got an email to do so, but when I went through that process, I got a message that my account did not exist (or something to that effect).

Without going through all of the sordid details, I contacted support by chat, then phone, and was initially told that my account had been deactivated (or they may have even said deleted) because my Ooma Hub had not been connected for an extended period of time. They also claimed that an email was sent to me a couple of months ago informing me of this, but I could find no record of this in my inbox or junk folder. I was told that I could reactivate my old Ooma Hub but would have to now start paying for the monthly taxes. I sent an email to their support team explaining/complaining, and someone later called me on my cell phone and told me that I would be reactivated as before, and walked me through the process of reactivating my Ooma Hub, temporarily choosing a different phone number, and then they reassigned my account back to using my old phone number. Some hours later it appeared to be working fine again. :)

However, during the online setup process I had to supply a credit card #. The phone rep assured me that I would not be charged anything (I asked about this in a couple of different ways to get reassured about this). Hopefully that turns out to be correct.

So I'm back online again, but have a couple of questions/concerns:

1) Online when I look at Account/Services it lists my "Current service level" as "Premier, Free Trial", and indicates that this trial will end in 58 days. On that same page, under "Feature Subscriptions" it states "You have not subscribed to any premium features. Visit the store section to upgrade your Ooma service". How worried should I be that they're going to start charging me in 58 days? Or is this similar to how it shows up online for the rest of you original Ooma Hub no-monthly-fee users?

2) I want to utilize the Ooma app on my iPhone, and it's treating me like a new user and basically going through a setup wizard asking me if I want to enable Inbound and/or Outbound calling with the app. My vague recollection from the past was that only one of these was available for no-monthly-fee customers. Clicking on each option brings up distinct "Terms of Service" agreements, but I didn't see anything that made it clear which, if either, I was allowed to use with my completely free service. I don't want to select an option here that they might interpret as me giving the OK to being charged any monthly fees or taxes.

For anyone who may have some helpful answers, thanks in advance!

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Re: Important Service Update for Ooma Hub Owners

Post by OomaParadox » Thu Jun 10, 2021 7:37 am

I was one of the users who traded the original Ooma Hub for the Telo box in Oct 2016. I was told that I would be grandfathered under the old program (no taxes and fees for the life of the hardware). 2 months ago, Ooma started charging me taxes and fees. I called to explain I was grandfathered and the charges were refunded and I was told my account would be fixed to restore my grandfathered status. Last month I was again charged taxes and fees and again they were refunded. This month the taxes and fees were charged (on a closed credit card account, by the way) and this time Customer Support told me that the grandfathered plan was only for 3 years, even though I had changed boxes about 4 1/2 years ago (which meant they were supposed to start charging me 1 1/2 years ago, so this explanation sounded fishy). Has anyone else had this situation occur to them? Also, I can't seem to find any email documenting the trade up/grandfather plan in converting from the Hub to the Telo. If anyone out there still has a copy of the email, could you post or attach a copy of the email (including header info showing who sent it and date/time) in the reply so I can dispute the situation with Ooma support? TIA.

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Re: Important Service Update for Ooma Hub Owners

Post by murphy » Thu Jun 10, 2021 8:53 am

This forum won't allow me to attach an Outlook message file.
Attached is a .jpg of the message that I received.
HUB Update to Telo.jpg
HUB Update to Telo.jpg (162.97KiB)Viewed 3828 times
I have not been charged for service but I had purchased lifetime service for my Hub, which included Premier service, long before I received this message.
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Re: Important Service Update for Ooma Hub Owners

Post by OomaParadox » Thu Jun 10, 2021 4:28 pm

Thank you very much! For some reason, I have no record of this email (I may have deleted it thinking it was a marketing email, long after I had upgraded my Hub).

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