What's up with Butterfleye camera?

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Ben Ellison
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What's up with Butterfleye camera?

Post by Ben Ellison » Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:27 pm

I have one and it works OK as is, but when will it get integrated into Ooma Home Security????

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Re: What's up with Butterfleye camera?

Post by apang » Fri Nov 23, 2018 3:30 pm

Don't know when support was first added but there is basic support for the Butterfleye in the Home Security app now (last updated Nov 19, 2018).

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Re: What's up with Butterfleye camera?

Post by SonofOdin » Sun May 31, 2020 10:42 am

I, too, started having issues with my Butterfleye camera a week ago. No live streaming, and unable to do anything whatsoever with my camera. I tried deleting the app and adding it again several times, no luck. I tried adding the app to my other Samsung Galaxy phone but that did not work either. I have brand-new Spectrum modem and router and they work perfectly as do all my other electronics. I've called Customer Support and gotten nowhere (the broken English doesn't help) and I've also sent emails to Tech Support and the things they tell me to do don't work either. I can't delete my camera (I only have one) nor can I add it. I got an email asking for my password to my Betterfleye camera account. I was surprised to finally learn that the Ooma cameras and Ooma Telo / Home Security are separate entities, so had to have a separate account and password. I forgot my Butterfleye password and I contacted Ooma Live Chat and they were no help, referred me to call Customer Support. Again, another dead-end, I was told "If you are logged in, do not logout, because we are having a problem with Butterfleye camera owners not being able to login to their accounts now and this has been going on for a week." I like my Ooma Telo and the Home Security (I have water sensor and motion detector) but the support for the Butterfleye camera is totally unacceptable. I can't speak for their Smart Camera but if it's like the Butterfleye I wont' be buying another Ooma camera product. I welcome any responses; comments or suggestions. Thank you

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Re: What's up with Butterfleye camera?

Post by sbrammer » Tue Jun 02, 2020 1:41 pm

That explains a lot on why I haven’t been able to log into the app. See my post “smart cam app”. I was having issues with it not giving a live stream but was recording and sending notifications. So I removed the app, and reinstalled. Thought I knew my password, but I ended up Changing it. Then I could login in because of the error “error fetching cameras”.

I have two Butterfly’s. One white that is deadweight with solid red light even though I get to the web interface fine. The other is a black one that still records sends notifications. Just can’t get logged in, and calling Support is a joke with trying to explain your issue to a person who doesn’t speak English well..

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