Block Calls via Scheduler With White List

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Block Calls via Scheduler With White List

Post by switz » Fri May 17, 2019 8:06 am

With the vast amount of robocalls, and the fact that many folks sleep during the day as they work at night, or, just want their phone not to ring at certain times, then may I suggest the following:

Have a simple scheduler with days of the week and 24 hour time. One would be able to choose the days and times the service would be turned off and not ring through. But, the end user could create a White-List on what numbers would be allowed to ring through. Any numbers not on the White-List would go to voice mail.

My 94-year-old mother was getting a crazy amount of calls in the evening. Now, I have put a timer on her phone that turns off the Ooma box and turns it on in the morning. She has her cell phone for emergencies but I don't like having her Ooma line off but I have no choice at this point.

I believe this would be easy to do and would help a lot of folks.

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Re: Block Calls via Scheduler With White List

Post by CTinHI » Sun Nov 24, 2019 7:51 pm

As far as your Mom's situation but not exactly what you are looking for .......

Some Panasonic, Uniden and likely
others have a "Silent" mode where you can specify the time period that
phone does not ring.
For example daily 10:15 pm to 8:00 am. Need to make sure that present time is set
on the phone.

I do not know for sure but if caller stays online and leaves a voicemail
I assume does not hear that at that time on phone speaker but
will hear on Ooma speaker when play back on Ooma Telo.

You likely know that Ooma Premier has "Do Not Disturb" that can be used any time.
*78 turns it ON and *79 removes "DO NOT DISTURB". This requires person to remember
to perform those entries.

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