Horrible OOMA chat support

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Horrible OOMA chat support

Post by JohnnyDangerDude » Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:00 pm

I had a horrible conversation with an OOMA chat support named " Ron villesis"

He basically hung up/disconnected the chat 4 times in a row when I question some of the false information he was giving me.

I have the stock greeting on my OOMA voicemail however everytime I call my ooma number from my ooma phone, it was asking me to setup a new greeting saying how I did not complete the " Initialization process"

He demands to know the name on my phone then tell me I have to call that company about the voicemail issue not OOMA.
When I explain to him that my existing phone does not have a voicemail system only the OOMA device, he claims its not coming from OOMA and hangs up when I request a supervisor.

I told him I am calling my OOMA phone number from the OOMA phone service, the OOMA chime can be heard in the OOMA voicemail however he still claims its coming from my phone handset manufacturer even thought I have had this phone for over 20 years and it has no voicemail and the problem started the day I switched to OOMA phone service.

Also, the voice messages are the same as when I hit play on the OOMA device as when I call into the OOMA phone number from the OOMA phone.

Yet according to this ron villesis, its my phone manufacturer problem not OOMA.

Is there a way to get this employee fired or at very least trained again?

I'm not sure if he is trolling me or just increable incompetent.

When I asked for him to forward me the chat conversations to I could provide them to his supervisor, he quickly started to change his story.

" ron villesis: Thank you for using Ooma Chat! This service is intended for simple questions that can be resolved immediately. For more complex questions that require detailed troubleshooting, please contact our service team at 888.711.6662. Thank you.
ron villesis: Hi, my name is Ron. I'll be more than happy to assist you today Brian.
ron villesis: Are you using an Ooma handset?
You: I have an ooma device connected to normal phones
You: I dial into OOMA using by calling my own number
ron villesis: I see. What handset brand are you using?
You: Its just normal phone connected to the black ooma box
ron villesis: What is the brand?
You: What brand for what?
ron villesis: For the handset connected to the Telo Brian.
You: Its connected to my home telephone network
ron villesis: I see. What is the name/ brand of the handset?
You: The phones?
You: .I'm not sure why that would matter but they are Nitsuko
ron villesis: Yes.
ron villesis: I see. The Ooma voicemail has its voicemail feature.
You: " You have not completed the Intial process"
ron villesis: If your handset is asking to set up your voicemail everytime you make a call/ were called, we will need you to call Nitsuko to have it fixed.
You: everytime I call the number to check my voice message
You: What are you talking about?
You: The voicemail is from OOMA not Nitsuko
ron villesis: I am sorry but Ooma has its own voicemail.
You: Yeah, and that is what giving me problems
You: the OOMA voicemail
You: Perhaps I did not make that clear
ron villesis: I am sorry but Ooma voicemail will not ask for one as it is already present by default.
You: Will not ask for what?
ron villesis: For you to set up your voicemail greeting.
You: Well it is
You: Do you have like a supervisor or something?
ron villesis: I am sorry to hear that. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Please keep this reference number 200110-003735 and one of our supervisors will send an e-mail response within 24-48 hours. Thank you for choosing Ooma, we appreciate your business!
has disconnected."

We had about 3 or 4 more chats like this ending with being disconnected each time with him insisting it was not the OOMA voicemail and telling me to call the manufacturer of my phone when the OOMA is the only voicemail I have in my setup.

Very disappointing.

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Re: Horrible OOMA chat support

Post by MelN » Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:58 pm

As I recall my telo had no stock greeting. There was no greeting until I recorded mine per procedure. I've only been ported over to it for about 2 months but I am very happy with it. I only had one brief chat with support though they did not sound overly knowledgeable they did fix my problem.

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Re: Horrible OOMA chat support

Post by JohnnyDangerDude » Fri Jan 10, 2020 9:52 pm

I'm not sure what version of firmware or version of the OOMA box you are using but the one I have is an older used one and there is a basic greetings about how you reached TELEPHONE NUMBER XXX-XXX-XXXX, can't take your call right now please leave you message after the beep"

I know the OOMA is the voicemail because I hear the same saved messages when I press " play" on the OOMA device itself as when I call my own OOMA number from my home phone.

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