Ooma Telo2 10267147, 12407609 Release Notes (partial rollout)

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Ooma Telo2 10267147, 12407609 Release Notes (partial rollout)

Post by Tom » Wed Jun 10, 2020 3:02 pm

Fix issue where telo stayed offline after regaining link [1603] - introduced in 7012411
Fix issue where the siren may not work after upgrading [46]
Fix issue with configuring static IP in setup.ooma.com [787]
Fix setup.ooma.com to display DHCP if bringing a static IP telo up on WiFi [1118]
Display 'Security Offline' on the handsets if Smart Security is offline or starting up [271]
Fix issue with HD3 getting stuck in Connecting if powered up soon after power off [326]
Fix issue with sensor events sometimes not being reported [3349, 7072]
Do not play announcements about sensors in alert or tamper state when starting Smart Security [3845]
Do not put the app in alert state when panic is pressed on keypad and there's no siren or Promonitoring [5395]
Change 'Exit Delay Beeps' to also control the telo and handset beeps [6547]

Build 12407609 adds this fix:
Fix issue with DECT being inoperative after upgrading from build 141171 [22]