Ooma Office2 28245988 Release Notes (partial rollout)

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Ooma Office2 28245988 Release Notes (partial rollout)

Post by Tom » Sat Jan 23, 2021 1:34 pm

Change reminder ring delay from 10 to 20 sec [1552,1564]
Fix issue where can't answer the second instance of a reminder ring [1635]
Fix issue with enabling key clicks on DP1 [432]
Add support for key clicks when offhook [359]
Change key clicks to sound like touch tones [434]
Fix issue with DECT devices losing dialtone [108]
Fix issue with HD3 or DP1 not completing an upgrade [96,105]
Fix issue with DECT not being operational on first install [116,118]
Fix DP1 issue where pressing voicemail fails depending on the extension numbering plan [1614]
Fix DP1 issue where 'send to voicemail' and *9 fail [1628]
Fix DP1 issue where call park retrieve using the menu fails [383]
Fix issue with the base not returning to service after a network interruption [1730, 1772]