Landline calls not coming through to virtual receptionist

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Landline calls not coming through to virtual receptionist

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Hoping someone here can relate and shed some insight on what the real issue here may be, below is a bullet point list of the *main* issues we've had since switching from charter business to ooma business, more details can be found in the extended version further below; be aware it is laced with complaints and fueled by frustration.
  • Landline calls from residential and enterprise lines aren't coming though; they will ring and go to a full VMB never reaching the virtual receptionist
  • Previously, residential calls were coming through and some landline calls would go through to our old landline handsets, this has stopped working altogether recently
  • Fax machine hasn't worked consistently since day 1, only select people have been able to get faxes to transmit
  • Virtual fax does not work consistently either
  • Salesman cost me countless hours in afterhours labor, troubleshooting, calling, and having to make quick compromising decisions to preserve network security and prevent fires (last section paragraph 2)
Switching to Ooma has been the worst business decision I've made to date, and I say that with the utmost confidence sadly. Prior to the last week or 2 it seems, residential landlines would get through, but as of late they cannot get through any longer. All it does is ring and go to a full VM box, the virtual receptionist doesn't pick up, nothing. This has cost me more money than I can imagine at the peak of our busy season, before it was just business lines and our fax machine wasn't consistent enough to advertise, which wasn't great, but I could adjust for the time being until it was sorted out. Well, it still isn't sorted out, and nobody can tell me why. Aside from the potential jobs I've lost and new customers who didn't get the experience they were expecting, the reputation that took this business 20 years to establish is getting whittled away at- while I pay for it! (?!!)<-- that isn't something that can be valued.

The fax machine, I spent countless hours on support trying to figure that one out. They never helped a bit, in fact, I had to spend hours diagnosing and trouble shooting as well to get it to function after spending hours on hold while they investigate, only to be hung up on. Alongside that, I had to reroute ethernet cables and make sacrifices to my local network because the phones took priority that evening and there was nowhere to get an ethernet switch at the time. This could've been averted if the salesman would've held his end of the commitment and supplied us with the switch instead of moving cables around from our router to modem (which also has a routing feature I don't use). That's another set of countless hours down the drain since I have to go back and configure everything again and buy a switch. Let me also touch on the fact that if you aren't able to call Ooma during normal business hours, at least it seems, 8-5p, then you must set aside at least an hour for hold times between being transferred, investigating, and the initial pick-up which is at bare minimum 10 minutes on BUSINESS accounts after 5pm. Oh, also, if any Ooma big wigs read this, put out a memo that states the potential dangers from daisy chaining power strips for your salespeople. That in itself is something to be upset over, let alone swapping network cables to different ports on a different device that could've lead to major security vulnerabilities. Those two actions alone could've cost me thousands in either or a combination of network breaches, bricking devices from power surges, or burning my office down.

Ooma, if you're going to send salespeople out in the heart of a global pandemic to sale a service, send a technician out at the very least to a business costumers if the service is just flat not working whatsoever and nobody can seem to tell them why or what's wrong. It speaks incredible volumes of your company and where your priorities lie; securing accounts and doing the bare minimum to maintain them.

I have already started the port back over to spectrum, so my issues have a timer on them thankfully. I will be starting the port on our other local business tomorrow as well. In the meantime, it would be nice to get this issue resolved, and I'm not sure why it wouldn't be a priority for Ooma, as I will be informing anyone with a listening set of ears to never buy into their service unless they're okay with the issues stated above. And to think, I've literally been paying for a service that has been actively costing me money, damaging my reputation, and hindering my ability to gain new customers. If you read this far, my apologies for complaining so much, but at least it's off my chest now. Please give me insight or help if at all possible, I've only got a few weeks left of this but I would pay good money to have those few weeks work normally, just not to Ooma.

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