Slow Network Behind Home Network Port

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Re: Slow Network Behind Home Network Port

Post by sgamer » Sat May 22, 2010 10:56 pm

Woohoo!!! Third time's a charm??? I need to find some wood to knock on since I don't yet know if the phone works but it appears the third unit is functional and is not losing any packets. And it even came with a faceplate. I suppose my next challenge will be changing my account to this latest functional Telo.

To lbmofo and Soundjudgment,

You all don't miss a beat do you? It seems I end up writing these diatribe like messages but in an attempt to shorten them leave out a few details and you all pick right up on them.

The QOS testing site I found on this forum has not clocked anything over 3M for me but I suspect that isn't due to a limitation on my side but something on theirs or in between. When I purchased cable Internet it was advertised at 6M/768K and at the time reported 5M/512K consistently. It seemed faster in recent months which was confirmed during this round of troubleshooting as it is now reporting 9M/1M speeds when testing to Chicago which is the closest location for me.

As for the up/down QOS scores.. I'm not sure how the site computes those parameters but I do know that my Cisco phone works great over my Internet connection. I think the good news is that both test sites register consistently the same results with or without a functional Telo inline so I hope the phone connected to the Telo will sound as good or better than the Cisco phone.

To sfhub,

My comments were aimed exclusively at ooma tech and sales support and not at anyone in this forum. I'm sorry if you or anyone else took my message otherwise. I recognized that you misunderstood my original message and there's no reason to apologize. In fact, the message probably wasn't as clear as it should have been.

I knew you were an extremely helpful and technically savvy person before I ever opened a support case because I searched this forum first to solve my issue and ran across the thread between you and the fellow with the bad wiring. I read every word of it and was quite impressed at the diligence you provided. I'm thinking ooma ought to pay you for all the help you're providing here.

As for ooma's so called support, I stand by my comments and I'm pretty confident most anyone would agree if they had read the email chain I had with them. If ooma support had actually read any of my messages it would have saved them some time, me some frustration and probably would have landed them some new customers. I have some tech support responsibilities and understand there are difficult customers usually because they don't know what they are talking about. I suspect ooma classifies me as one but it's not because I misunderstood the technology, it's because they didn't take the time to read my messages. I was correct all along. Either way, if I treated my customers like that the situation would be escalated and there's a good chance I would not have a job. At this juncture I will not recommend ooma to anyone.

Thanks for everyone's help.

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